Hifiman EF 400 (no problem here)

I just here to tell the EF 400 is fucking great!I own this 2 month ago!And i dont wanna here leave a long review!Just sayin these sound much better for me like a topping a 90d :man_shrugging:t2:I not saying every headphones will like it but definitly shines with 109 pro!The t60 argons will arrive to me about 1-2 weeks max. and if ef 400 cant able drive them maybe i will sell it and i’ll looking for an other amp or dac/amp combo for it!But its drive easily my dt880 600ohm headphone!So i got hope :laughing:


Wow, DOUBLE Neumanns!!! Where did you get your cables for them? I have NDH 30, and it’s a keeper.

So you like EF400 way more than A90D, you’re saying?

I don’t have my EF400 anymore but outside of apparent QC issues (big max volume differences mainly) I preferred it to the OG A90 for the extra warmth it had, likely a bit warmer than A90D

Yes,i like better but i like better my every amp than the a90!But thats the cool in this hobby,you can find what you like! So the neumann’s cables!
First round i found on aliexpress the purple one!And every old sennheiser hd6-7-8 dj headphone cable good for the neumanns!
And later on i realized the Hart audio also making those neumann cables! So i suggest the hart audio cables,they can make you some badass custom cables!

HUF 17,145.80 75% Off | Type2 1.8mm 140 cores litz 7N OCC Headphone Cable For Sennheiser HD6 HD7 HD8 MIX DJ HD595 4 core 1.8mm Earphone LN007906

And i found two other sites who makes neumann cables but i forgot which are those ! i hope i could help :slightly_smiling_face:!
Ohh and no differences in the plugs between the ndh30 and ndh 20! I tried with stock cables and with the custum cables! Both working with the others cables!


Yes,for me the hifiman more musical! And i dont hear nothing like that what goldensound or zeos talking about :man_shrugging:t2:!So i believe the ef 400 deserves a fucking sticker on it!Can you hear me @ZeosPantera :laughing:!!You can just sell it when a sticker on it!

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Do you like NDH 20 or 30 more?

Thanks for the cable links! Very nice

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Fellow EF400 owner here, absolutely love mine. I sold off most of my other Desktop gear like the Zen DAC & CAN, Topping E50 & A30 Pro after getting the EF400. I preferred it over the Topping D90 & A90 that I auditioned.

I’ve been meaning to get the 109 Pro, nice to see that EF400 pairs nicely with it.

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Ndh 30 is freaking great!But the 109 pro came and conquered!And i sold the ndh30! But the point is i kept the ndh20 cause i like it better on my tube amp than the 30,and he is with me almost 3 years!I would say ndh 30 about the same soundstage as the 109 pro!Neumann is warmer and slightly less detailed!The 109 is more vivid,better imaging and better bass respond!For rock music i would go with the neumann,but with other styles of music the meze!

Good to hear iam not alone :laughing:

I think after this you wont regret the 109 pro!

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Huh. I found 109 to have less overall bass, with a more sub-bassed tuning than NDH 30’s full bass tuning. 109 was way too metallic sounding. NDH 30 much more natural and organic :slight_smile: But much less detailed.

I sorry for you to hear the highs metallic,a lot of you did! For my hearing is smooth but meantime sparkling and airy with lots of detail!

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What is your reference headphone for natural sound?

I saw Golden’s review too and was quite puzzled. I heard none of the issues from the unit that HiFiMan sent to me. Going back after the review I still don’t. I know MrAyrit didn’t like it either too, but many others have also fawned over it like I did. I’m afraid we may all be right. Golden could very well be correct that its design is more susceptible to individual parts misbehaving which could cause the phasing issues he heard/measured in some cases and is not an issue in others. In some sense, all of us possibly being right scares me. I don’t like having recommended a product that might have this level of unit variation. HiFiMan has been known to do silent revisions in the past. Hopefully they either already have or will do one fro EF400 to get more consistency - if that really is what’s needed here.


Nowadays i mostly looking for unique tuned headphones! My only reference now the ndh 20,its the best judge how a amp sounds for example! But i liked hd 600 too!I go for now to t60 argons,i cant wait them :slightly_smiling_face:!

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I dont mentioned,but for me as warm-ish natural beautiful sound the ndh 30 naturally!i went back to back with 109pro and ndh 30 till a month to decide which must go(2 OD’s,1 had to go)!And you know what?Who they are felt the 109 pro’s are active up there,they have quite big chance to love the ndh 30s,near to same price!! That shit is Musical!

Lol, don’t get your hopes up too much about the Modhouse T60RP! Leather pads sounded the least bad, at least. I just had them with 109 and NDH 30, and only kept the 30. T60RP was clearly the weakest of the 3, IMO


Goldensound pinned this comment under his review at the headphone show a week ago:

I haven’t seen said serial number info yet but hopefully the issue is limited to a single batch. I’ll also update when I have something solid to share.


You kept the the 30,but i sold it as i mentioned :laughing: Argons came with xenon suede pads!Because you dont like them,dont take it for sure me neither,LOL!What was your problem with the argons?

So the suede pads were terrible, making the treble quite rough and sharp. Even with the leather pads, the best sounding, they still sound fairly artificial. I think the bass is pretty impressive for this price, tho, and is the clear strength of them. They are the best wood headphone, between E-MU Teak and 99 Classics, in my testing.