🔷 HiFiMan EF400

Listened to different HFM cans in a row of these at CanJam Chicago. Might be some unit variance, as the unit that had Arya on it was great, kept on low gain. The XS had to be cranked on high gain, like past 3, to get suitably loud. Booth was uninterested when I mentioned it. Regardless, I liked using the unit.

maybe the source was turned way down?
still have hardly gotten above 9 o clock even SE

Tried that, was chastised - then I explained my surprise at how the pot needed to be up on XS. They either didn’t care or thought I was a rube (fair).

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got my 560v4 and honeycomb grilled them digging them so far with the EF400


eggcellent! how are you enjoying the warmth of the R2R?

gotta spend some more time with it and comparing vs a K9 pro (AKM ver)

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