Hifiman HE-560 VS Hifiman Sundara

I have a doubt.

I want to upgrade and my budget is 350 dollars and I don’t know which one to choose: the Hifiman Sundara with a value of 300 dollars or the HiFiMan HE-560 V4 Premium with a value of 340 dollars. Searching on Youtube I found this video:

There are several versus and the Hifiman He560 V4 really sounds spectacular, almost identical to the ananda, but the sundara is not in the video. I listen to a lot of heavy metal, indie rock, instrumental and classic rock music in high fidelity in .flac in 24 bit 96 khz. I like that it has enough sound space and for gaming and movies with Dolby Atmos.

My question is which of the two is better? Is it worth spending 40 dollars more for the HiFiMan HE-560 V4 Premium or is the Sundara better?

I also have another doubt, I have the smsl sp200 amplifier, I just need a good DAC to update these Hifiman and I found this S.M.S.L Sanskrit MK II dac, that dac would be perfect to make a good union with the smsl sp200 and give an excellent sound for these hifiman ? or what dac do you recommend me to buy?

Note: does the smsl sp200 have enough power to give 100% volume to these hifiman?


I can only buy through amazon because it gives me the ease of shipping to my country. If I buy it on another page, I must pay an extra importer for shipping and more taxes…

As far as power, i think you should be fine though i would suggest getting balanced cable to run them just to have a little extra.

As far as the headphones, i havent tried the 560 V4, but i do own the 400SE (a distant cousin) and the Sundara. And if i had to choose i would go for the Sunadra - I personally like it both in terms of design and overall sound.

Design - suspension straps are better in most cases, it gives a lighter and more even pressure on the head is much better.

Sound - Sundaras have a very natural and “airy” sound to them which i think will be a pretty good fit for you (aside from heavy metal and certain classical rock, it wount be bad but its not my first pick) , however like i said i only have the 400SE and havent tried the 560 V4.

But the good thing about amazon is you can always return it (though its a mess for us being outside the US, but still doable)

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