Hifiman HE-R9 Vs R10D

I was wondering if there is a sound difference between them two, since i am considering on getting the R10D in the future. I mostly listen to Pop, and i like vocals up front, clear and natural.

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I am also curious about the difference. Huge price difference and I do wonder what you get for the money.

me too. I hope some one will do a review.

Well I do believe the r10 have a larger driver, states 50mm dynamic driver instead of the r9’s description of just dynamic driver. And the r10’s cups are made out of wood instead of plastic, and the build has more aluminum machined parts. So right there would give good reason as to the dramatic jump in price. Plus, seeing as it’s wood cups which acoustically will absorb and direct sound more naturally than plastic, assuming it’s their best dynamic driver they have made, it probably sounds significantly different. Note that I did not say better, you could find it not to your liking at all. The sonic differences may not be a huge factor or selling point for some but the build quality definitely justifies its increase.

I used Dynamat Extreme on the inside. I applied to baffles and cups. Opening there’s acoustic foam and just bare plastic. The dampening improved sound and took away that hollow sound when tapping. For giggles I may try poly fill.

Only have the R9 which didn’t get much listening time so far.
Maybe a small help. Some comparison from a German reviewer + Graph. Main difference seems to be in the bass. The R10 is less bassy, that the sub-bass is more rolled off is quite disappointing. That the mid-bass got a little bit reduced I think might be a good thing, on the first listening I found the R9 a tiny bit boomy. Overall I guess you are mostly paying a premium fee for the wood cups.

It is immediately apparent that the bass up to 300 Hz is always higher, in the case of the HE-R9 even 3dB more than the Harman curve provides as a reference. And Harman already applies too much of a good thing in the bass as a reference for many audiophile music connoisseurs. So that means something.
Both headphones deliver fat bass of the highest quality. The HE-R9 (red trace) is consistently more powerful in the bass range than the HE-R10D, which makes it sound fatter and yet softer and also somewhat “darker”. The HE-R10D plays almost “slim” in direct comparison. Since it has a clear high point around 70Hz and drops off more steeply, it also offers a certain punctuated punch.

In jazz, however, this is too much for me with both headphones for my preferred listening volume. Still, I enjoy this genre with the HE-R9 at very low volumes as well, because that’s where its bass presence makes up for the ears’ deficiencies in perceiving bass at low volumes. Otherwise, I like everything around electronic music with it while the HE-R10D is also fun with pop and mainstream due to its slightly “leaner” tuning.

With metal, the restraint in the midrange on both works to my advantage. There are songs where it usually sounds cluttered instrumentally and vocally (to me). On the other hand, I can stand that very well with both headphones. I had a lot of trouble with a Focal Celestee, which is more midrange-oriented in comparison. Both Hifiman headphones tend to color voices, especially due to the reduced mids, and at times it seems to me, especially with the HE-R9, as if singing through a curtain. With electronic music, instrumental pieces or where vocals are only “accessory”, this is rather negligible. Both headphones then deliver very well.

The audiophile Achilles’ heel is literally obvious here. Both headphones have a lot of energy in the high frequencies and clearly exceed the Harman reference in the upper ranges. As far as the upper registers are concerned, the imposing basses thus get a kind of balance and the headphones sound appealing. However, due to the resulting V-shape, details in the lower treble are masked. Where bass still reverberates, I often have a hard time hearing quiet details that are clearly audible with balanced tuned headphones. Regardless, both headphones reproduce details accurately. The HE-R10D is a bit more refined and is able to reproduce more of these details audibly, since its tuning is a bit more accommodating.

As far as dynamics are concerned, both of Hifiman’s closed dynamos play pleasingly open. In comparison, a Meze Liric or DCA Stealth are still better on the road, but the HE-R9 and HE-R10D stand out quite clearly from other closed representatives.

Conclusion & Rating
With both headphones, Hifiman brings absolute sound bolides onto the market, which should make the hearts of many a basshead beat faster. Despite this special tuning, Hifiman shows what sound quality means. Because despite the bass-heavy and powerful style, both headphones surprise with an atypical and spacious spatial image for closed headphones
For me, the difference between the two headphones is that I can still hear the HE-R10D comfortably louder and that it handles better with increasing volume. It feels like there’s just a little more dynamic in it. With the HE-R9, the end of the volume flagpole is reached for me at “room volume”. Its advantage, however, is that it sounds very impressive even when played very softly. For me, the HE-R9 is more the headphones for quiet and relaxed listening with the fun factor, for which you always need a little more volume with other headphones. But if you always combine this fun factor with disco volume, you can use the HE-R10D and you can also look forward to slightly clearer voices and more precise highs.

What I absolutely cannot understand is the issue of symmetrical cables. Here’s the tip again, it’s better to stick with simple stereo cables, just to be on the safe side.
In the end the question remains, is there a recommendation?
Yes, for all those who consciously do not expect a vote based on Harman. And that applies to everyone who is willing not to listen to any music with the two closed dynamics.
Those who are okay with these general conditions will have a lot of fun with both headphones.
If you prefer quiet listening with a powerful sound, you are welcome to go straight for the cheaper HE-R9. If you are looking for more contour, clarity and precision, go for the HE-R10D.


Then I rather save up some money for the R10P lol That should have a totally different sound signature lol

I want R9 just for the low end

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At least the new version with the HEK headband looks premium. For just $5k more than the R9…