Hifiman HE1000 SE vs Arya

I haven’t heard these two, but based on what I’ve seen these are both highly resolving and slightly hot in the treble. Crinacle gave both of them an A+ in tuning and S- in technicalities. Has anyone heard these two and compared them?

@WaveTheory Maybe this is a man to ask.

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I’ve not heard the HE1000se yet. I compared HE1000v2 with Arya SE in my Arya SE review. If the result with the Hekse is similar, the question is can you find the Hekse used for a close-to-Arya price.

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From my experience the hekse is just an overall better headphones from a technical perspective, I can’t really think of anything the Arya does better or trades blows (assuming you have decent source gear to allow the hekse to get further ahead). They do have a different signature though, if you want something more overall linear and brighter leaning the Arya will do that better, but I think the hekse signature is more organic and pleasing, along with it’s superior technical ability

Also to note I’m going off the non stealth Arya so I have no idea what the stealth arya sounds like