🔶 Hifiman HE400se

Unboxing of the HE400SE. It looks like the really have stealth driver. I will try to make review but I am new to this hobby.


Can you take grills off and take picture of drivers? Really curious what do they mean by stealth magnets…

Here is the flyer about the stealth driver. I am not sure how to remove the grill.

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around 1 minute there’s link. also i saw some people doing grill mods on hifimans, you can look for those too. Thanks for picture, tho i still don’t get what did hifiman mean with stealth magnets. But as i see the dual side magnets system for this price is already good.

like this?


Moar nudes plz!! Lol jking, so kinda intrested in this, we shall see the international version bois…

How does it sound with the grills off?

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anyone know of any links for the international version yet?

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So how’s the bass? I think the regular 400s was supposed to lack extension, the 400i is supposed to be pretty lean too

Available on Amazon and HIFIMAN store now. Waiting for it now!


Anyone got this already? I’m still curious of how they compare to the 400i 2020

Ordered today. Arriving Sunday from Amazon. I’ll report with impressions, but I’ve never owned or heard the 400i 2020 version for comparison.

I do own Sennheiser HD 560s, so that probably will be my main point of comparison. One is a dynamic open-back (560s) and the other is a planar-magnetic open-back (HE400se), but both are in the same price range and are both supposed to be pretty neutral and detailed.

No comparisons coming with my Meze 99 Classics, which are in a class of their own. :slight_smile:

@M0N can we get an official thread on these?
finishing lunch and i’ll give them a try


Converted to official thread


damn you’re quick

Grills are a must as usual for Hifiman circle cans. Put the grills that came on these on my he6se so I could use the honeycomb grills and didn’t put them in straight and the he6 sucked them in lol. Steel grills are just stupid.

Hifiman now gives you silly string with your headphones instead of cables wrapped in unheated heatshrink tubing…

Stock cable is just awful and in my a90 it powers them just fine but the jump to a nice balanced cable is really really noticeable on these. detail skyrockets and so does the slam and they become instantly more resolving. These are really impressive. Not much character, per se, but the detail and capabilites are definitely there. I’m going to go test them with some games and see how they do and then more music later. If hifiman could just buck up and give out as good of a cable as $25 IEMs come with, these would be the most perfect “budget” headphone I’ve heard in a long long while. I say budget because these really seem to punch above their weight based on first impressions. If this is the direction hifiman is going in for their low end, I fully support it. They still need the suspension headbands back though but these don’t actually bother me for my head shape, I just know some people can’t stand this headband though.


Not a big fan of the stock cable of the he400i 2020, but it seems to be a lot better than that thing. I don’t get it, just ask a bit more and give a better cable. The 400se is €30 cheaper than the 400i was, spend €20 more on the cable and pocket €10 more and everyone wins…

imaging is spot on. height separation is great. soundstage is admittedly better than my he6se. more testing needed but its looking good so far.

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Cool. I get mine tomorrow. Any recommendations for a non-balanced cable? I don’t have an amp with a balanced input – yet. Eyeing the Qudelix 5K when it comes back in stock next week at Amazon.


I don’t think people who bought 2080’s will be feeling that bad because no one can get the new cards. I saw 1080s today going for $500! But I get your point, we are in a crazy time. I hope things will be stabilizing soon, ive been wanting to upgrade my 1080.

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