🔶 Hifiman HE4XX

Yeah I don’t get it either tbh, I’m surprised it got 30% of the votes. IIRC it was a few different drop headphones in the vote.

Well seeing how good the zen can signature for the 6xx paired with other sennheisers I wanna see how well this pairs with other hifimans.

Yeah that would be interesting to see how they do

I thought all of the options were on surface. It’s a quantity/involvement overlap thing with Drop. Gotta have an audience. I wonder what the magical button for these will do.

hopefully fix the timbre and make them sound a bit more dynamic. my plat was the only thing i know that really fixed the headphone’s metallic timbre

anyone noticed bass bleeding on the HE4XX? when gaming competitively, explosions mask all other sounds when they happen and i have to wait for them to fade away so i can hear footsteps and treble-based details again.

how do you rate them for FPS gaming? the direction of sound and tracking enemy sounds? DT1990 vs DT990 vs HE4XX

I can’t believe how much I’ve been neglecting these headphones.


Hi, sorry I didnt see your post before, I’ve been away the forum for over a year now. Never used the he4xx for gaming. I’d used the Dt1990 for a while now and I do not see reason to change, they’re awesome, I hear everything…

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My round hifiman collection


Listening to the 4xx after having tried so many other headphones I am reminded why I love these budget hifimans so much… They still stand out as remarkable sounding cans on a budget, and they are fun and easy to mod… I think no better entry level headphones to get into the hobby


Just picked these up for ~$100 on Hifiman’s 11/11 sale. Kind of shocked how much I like them. Such a fun tuning. I enjoy them more than the Sundaras I think which have better technicalities but are more boring.

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Bringing that defibrillator to this thread… Just got this Audeze headband clone off Aliexpress for the ol’ 4XX. Fits snug around the cups but it clears. Also has just the right amount of clamp, although it feels like these can be bent in the right way for clamp force volume. The leather passes the sniff test and so far I’m happy with the purchase. Super comfy compared to the (now dead) he560v2 band.


Very interesting - I myself bought the ZMFy for my Monoprice M1060C.
I kinda like the stock headband on the 4XX though.
And I’m not sure how you ‘killed’ your 560 headband - they’re not really easy to kill.
Anyhow, good stuff! Yeah these <$40 replica bands are a no brainer.
No point in buying an OEM replacement anymore.


Did you need to do any DIY modding, or just screw the new headband in? The aliexpress shop isn’t really clear about it.

BTW which is the one in the middle? That thing is all magnets!

Thats an HE560 with ZMF suede pads and I am using a mesh grille

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