🔶 Hifiman HE4XX

Yeah I don’t get it either tbh, I’m surprised it got 30% of the votes. IIRC it was a few different drop headphones in the vote.

Well seeing how good the zen can signature for the 6xx paired with other sennheisers I wanna see how well this pairs with other hifimans.

Yeah that would be interesting to see how they do

I thought all of the options were on surface. It’s a quantity/involvement overlap thing with Drop. Gotta have an audience. I wonder what the magical button for these will do.

hopefully fix the timbre and make them sound a bit more dynamic. my plat was the only thing i know that really fixed the headphone’s metallic timbre

anyone noticed bass bleeding on the HE4XX? when gaming competitively, explosions mask all other sounds when they happen and i have to wait for them to fade away so i can hear footsteps and treble-based details again.

how do you rate them for FPS gaming? the direction of sound and tracking enemy sounds? DT1990 vs DT990 vs HE4XX

I can’t believe how much I’ve been neglecting these headphones.


Hi, sorry I didnt see your post before, I’ve been away the forum for over a year now. Never used the he4xx for gaming. I’d used the Dt1990 for a while now and I do not see reason to change, they’re awesome, I hear everything…

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My round hifiman collection

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Listening to the 4xx after having tried so many other headphones I am reminded why I love these budget hifimans so much… They still stand out as remarkable sounding cans on a budget, and they are fun and easy to mod… I think no better entry level headphones to get into the hobby