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This is the official thread for the Hifiman HE4XX

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp suggested: Yes
  • Open Back

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These are still on that seemingly never-ending sale for $130 at Drop.

Anyway I’m glad to see we have another person to create these official threads.

They are pretty great tbh. Hard to not recommend. Also yeah woo more official threads I guess lol

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Does anyone know what would be the safe upper limit for bass eq on these? I just got them and currently have a low shelf filter of 6 db at 125hz. I don’t want to push it too far while experimenting and destroy the driver.

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I would say it depends on your amp. 125 hz seems a bit high up there, but you can tell when you are clipping so as long as you eq properly there shouldn’t be a big issue.

Been a while since I’ve listened to this headphone. Kinda wanna buy it again to see if how it stacks up to the m1070.

Yeah if you push the bass to hard on a pair of headphones, it should be very audible. Also I’ve never heard of anyone accidentally blowing a driver because of EQ.

I have but that’s they just turned their amp up all the way and bass shelf as high as it could go and clipped the amp, killing the headphone. But you have to pretty much do that on purpose

cool thanks MON and marc

I’ve cranked the bass WAY up temporarily as a test of the planar design… it was stupid bassy and still clean somehow. Didn’t have any issues. I probably listened for maybe 30seconds, to 3 or 4 songs.

I don’t think it would hurt them but I didn’t want them to be bass Cannon. I do have the bass and treble eq av few db higher to get a better sound to me, but it’s very, very slight… Just enough

If you want an absolute bass cannon, the fostex purple heart are the way to go. You can eq them to hell and give them tons of power, and the bass just keeps on coming lol

4XX has a lot of upper bass and mid bass, but not a whole lot of low bass.

IMO they are 2-4 db fat from 150-300 Hz; from 80-150 Hz I think they can get as much as +5 over neutral. Under 50 Hz they slide down pretty quick - I’d say -6 DB or more at 25 Hz. Even if you find a graph for these on-line, at this price I doubt many are right on that measurement.

Also if you want clean bass along with loud, be prepared to put Dynamat and Sorbathane on the back sides of the can under the mesh adjacent to the driver, it will cut down on rattling and other non musical vibrations.

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I was thinking of getting these since their talked about so much. but i heard they are dark. is that true?

No, these are not dark, the 4xx can be pretty bright. You are thinking of the edition xx

the edition XX are dark? i heard they were like the Ananda

They have a different tuning than the ananda. The 4xx are somewhat v shaped and def not dark

What are good pads for these? The velour makes my skin itch and not as comfy as I would like. Also, you would need to buy those rings to pad swap them right?

Depends whether you want the tone of the set to be altered. I suppose microsuede would probably be closest to the vanilla sound without the velour/felt texture. ZMF does a hybrid of suede/lambskin that I bet would be amazing.

I don’t mind changing the sound, if it makes it more fun and comfy without recessing mids I’m so down.

I find the pads itchy as well it’s very distracting… has anyone found that these require burn in?

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