Hifiman HE5se blind buy

I checked out the usual sources for reviews, not much out there. Found an HE5se for a good price in my neck of the woods, Tokyo, for about $200USD. Anybody have any impressions or are there better values out there? Been eying the M570. Already own the LCD2C, HD6XX, Ananda, AFO, and Elex. Used to own the PM-3, 99 Classic, Sundara, HE4XX, HD58X.

What say you?

I think these are great, but are surprisingly amp dependent. If you are looking for an upgrade to the sound of the 4xx, this might be something you are after (if you have a powerful amp)

Value wise, I think it’s a good deal, but I would say it depends on what you feel is a good deal

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Right on, hey thanks. I was a little worried about the bass extension and roll off. I’ve seen one graph and some descriptions I see have been that it’s a punchy hp, but nothing about it reaching low. I like the extension of the Ananda and LCD2C. IIRC, the HE4XX had good reach, not as deep as the former 2. It’s interesting because I’ve seen conflicting measurements online for the 4XX, from roll off to linear.

So there is some roll off around 60 hz, but if you give it enough power that really goes away imo. The key to getting the great bass is actually pushing it with a crap ton of power.