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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp needed: Absolutely
  • Open Back

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Hm. Guess nobody’s here :cry:

I’m here! :smile:

Pictured below is my HE-6 (4S modded) and my HE-500 (headband swapped). Old pic though, as I no longer have an SDAC-B after replacing it with a Bifrost 2. I usually drive my HE-6 from a Bryston 3B-ST shown below as well.

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The elusive 4 screw. Nice.

I just got the 6 screw yesterday in like new condition. It’s powered off BF2 and Mogwai SE.

It’s great so far. I know it can sound better with more power of course.

I just… hate the SMC connectors right now. I want to change the connectors so bad…

Congrats on scoring one. They are becoming harder to find, and they were scarce already. I also have an HE-6 6S, albeit modded, that I got off feilong4 when he bought his Susvara: https://www.reddit.com/r/headphones/comments/bwiq2g/making_the_hifiman_he6_comfortable_mod/

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Yeah I took the grills off to get a glimpse of the connector and as much as I want to mod the headphone to oblivion, I’ll hold off until a few of my friends have heard it in its stock form.

Unless the connector/cable dies of course, which is a very real possibility based on the questionable build.

@mbvjmc So I went to canjam a week ago and brought my Hifiman HE-6. Everyone who heard it pretty much liked it. Honestly I got to the point where I was AB testing with many more expensive cans like the Susvara and 1266. I’ve decided the HE-6 are the perfect can for me. Now I just want to hear the 4 screw… and maybe mod different connectors onto it :sweat_smile:


must of been yours I tried!

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Yessir that was mine. Funny seeing someone I met there in here haha.

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i remember you telling me about the grill mod and audeze vegan pads, but i noticed later when i looked at the picture you also put tuning paper too into the cups. I assume it help cuts down on the treble?

Tuning paper? You mean the black felt there? No that’s part of the stock configuration. Many people choose to take it out but I left mine in there.

@Blackrao Meze Elite, Abyss 1266, Kennerton Rognir, He 6, and rest of Canjam Headphone Impressions - YouTube

Yooo thanks for the impression on my HE-6!

Also as a Verite Closed owner myself, you’ve got good taste :wink:

Hit me up if you wanna chat some more haha

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haha yeah thanks for letting me try it, honestly didn’t think i’d ever get a chance to try one. he6 bass is wild

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Oh and I find the more power it gets the more controlled it gets. Bass especially so.