Hifiman NOT-35X

The name is still a work in progress, so if you have an idea, please let me know :wink:

But as the title states, this is NOT the HE-35X!
The drivers have been replaced with the Peerless by Tymphany 50mm drivers (same driver as in the Aurorus Borealis and Kennerton Vali), the pads have been replaced with the Pali Pads (Same as on the Sundara), and the backplate is made from an IKEA letter tray.

Tuning was HARD, but after several hours of work, I think i’m done.

  1. Initially they were bass-heavy, so I started by removing the felt that was covering the driver, but this made it more V-shaped, and gave it a “dryness” to the sound, so that was added again.
  2. Behind the felt, there’s 8 holes in the chassis, where 7 of them are covered with tape. I tried to remove 3 of the tape pieces, and the bass completely vanished, so I covered 2 of them up again.
  3. The low end was still 5% off, so I took a paper tea bag, cut it in to small pieces, and covered the 2 holes with those paper pieces using double-sided tape.

I know someone will ask, if this is a poor mans Aurorus Borealis or Kennerton Vali, and to that my answer is “I have no idea”. I haven’t tried any of those, but to me and my ears, these sound amazing!

I hope that this can inspire others to try something similar :slight_smile:


This is awesome, just out of curiosity where did you get the drivers.

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I bought them from Digikey.com
The part number is HPD-50N25PR00-32-ND

NB! If you live in Europe, shipping is more expensive than the actual drivers :grimacing: