Hifiman R7DX Pad swap. (Crucial)

If you’re like me, and Zeos duped you into buying the R7DX for $100, then you need to do this. In all fairness, out of the box, they sound like $100 headphones for sure. Maybe better. But for ~$30 more, and a little fiddling, they can sound like $400 headphones.

I used Brainwavz XL perforated pads. Attached with thin Velcro.

These things sound like a theater now. It’s incredible.


Don’t Deva and 5XX pads fit? I think Dekoni makes them if that’s the case but I will say there is some magic that can happen when using velcro to attach pads.

I think all of the newer headphones from Hifiman are using the shitty clip-on pads. I’m sure some are better than others. I think the best of them is called the peli pads on their site? I’m not sure. Regardless, none of them are memory foam, and none of them are as thick as the Brainwavz pads.

Yeah I’m actually a big fan of the XL Brainwavz pads. The micro suede ones work really really well with Hifimans imo.