Hifiman Sundara - DIY Balanced Cable Wiring Help!

As I understand, balanced cables basically just mean the left and right drivers have separate ground? So how come the driver 3.5mm jacks have 3 poles? Are the spare third poles redundant?

Does the wiring below for a 2.5mm TRRS jack correct?

The third band is redundant. All the balanced cables I’ve seen for Hifiman use mono 3.5mm TS for the cans and then pinout to match the source device (2.5mm or XLR).

TRS tips are probably cheaper and why they are used.

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yep that’s what really confused me when I received them. And thanks! Hope to lurk around here more :slight_smile:


The R+ signal coming from the 2.5mm should go to the Top of the 3.5mm right connector (marked as L in the picture). I have my balanced cable wired as such and it works with the E1DA PDV2 and 9038SG3 just fine.

will this connections works? The center one is 4.4mm TRRRS plug

I can’t tell what is going on.

Headphones only have 2 pairs of + and - (= 4 connections), no Ground.
So your headphone has L+ and L-, and R+ and R-. They just go to the same named place on the Pentacon. Ground on the Pentacon does not go anywhere.

If you had to have a Pentacon Line-level connection, then Ground would go to shield (pin 1 on XLR).