HifiMan Sundara vs HD660S

Hi all, I am hoping for some advice regarding a headphone upgrade (audio noob)

I have owned a pair of HD598’s for several years and was curious about getting a new pair for my computer setup. I recently bought an iFi Zen dac/amp and have been looking at getting either the HD660s or the HifiMan Sundaras. The supplier I’ve been looking at (in Australia) have the HD660s listed as just 32USD more than the Sundaras, so my wallet is not too concerned about which I choose.

These will be primarily used for casual single player gaming, so I’m not too stressed about footsteps and treble (though I won’t turn down a jack of all trades for the occasional Tarkov).

Secondary use is for music. I’m a fan of bass and enjoy how the “True Bass” modifier on the iFi Zen ‘fills out’ music (there’s probably a proper term for that). My tastes in genre are all over the place, so I guess it’s not really worth specifying any one style.

I have no experience with planars vs dynamic. I also don’t have any experience with balanced audio, so I don’t know if I should be trying to take advantage of the balanced 4.4mm pentaconn out on the iFi Zen. Regardless I’ll probably look at buying a 1.2m/4 foot cable as it is sitting up on my desktop.

My only concern for the Sundaras are the cups being too small with their round shape, as I enjoy how my HD598s sit currently.


I own both and they are two Very different sound signatures.
The 660’s are Much fussier about content quality. I would say the Sundara’s are much more fun. The 660’s are great if your source material is great. The 660’s are leaner and are more like the facts and nothing but the facts.

I don’t game though so I can’t help there. I just got my 660’s about two weeks ago.