🔶 HiFiMan Sundara

I was just going to say, I have noticed the same thing. I have moved the Sundara into the bedroom system, using the V40 to stream AMHD over LDAC. Because I am using the mobile app, I have Atmos content available, and I have noticed the difference the Atmos makes. I really enjoy it. The Sundara is an incredible fit for this system.

Merry Christmas to you and to all.


Not sure if anyone is mildly interested but I got curious and bought both a Sundara and a HE400se and swapped the headbands.

The swap took about 15 minutes.

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Hi, how do the screws work for these? I’m looking at replacing the headband for a potentially broken pair of sundaras but I’m not seeing a screw head inside to attach the outer screw to

When you unscrew the bolt you an see the thread which is inside the cup. There are washers between the screw and the arm and another between the arm and the cup.

I was setting up for tonight’s session, and I spied the Sundara out of the corner of my eye. I haven’t listened to the Sundara in a long time, so I thought I would have some fun with it tonight. I dusted her off, connected up the HE1000 cable, which for whatever reason turns out to be a great pairing, fired up the Liquid Platinum, and went to work!

I had forgotten how good this headphone is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to try and compare it to the Radiance or the HEK etc., but the Sundara is a very solid set that provides a fun and engaging listening experience. I have always loved the look and the comfort of them and if felt good to have them back on. They presented very neutral and flat initially, but after a little brain burn-in the dynamic range started to come in. I have always loved how this headphone presents vocals; slightly forward and incredibly clear. Since all the EQ profiles I had for this were obsolete due to equipment changes, I scrubbed them and bult some new ones, and now have great baseline profiles for the Liquid Platinum and the SA-9, though I think this will live mostly on the LP. I love to tinker with this kind of stuff, SO I had fun creating these new sound fields. I am surprised by how receptive the Sundara is to EQ. I find that I am able to really dial these in with the Peace APO and really get the best out of it.

It’s been a great time re-discovering the Sundara. Again, not a world beater, but a classic looker and a very solid performer. I have thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s session with them. They are joy to have in the collection.


@Raptor168 Amen! Still enjoy mine…and agree with the clean, forward vocals.
I seldom eq, but I like to add in a bit of low end to give them more body.


I passed my Sundara along to a friend to get him into the hobby, and he is currently enjoying them hooked up to a Magni & Topping D50s. I do admit that I miss them for some genres of music, but I am glad that they are getting used on the regular. Out of the headphones that are currently on my desk, I would say that the Starry Night V1 has taken its place for that use case (granted the Sundara still does some things better).

I have the habit of passing audio gear and PC parts along to friends and family who can make use of them. :wink: