Hifiman Sundara's Topping E/L30 or Schiit Magni Modi

Hi all,
I’m getting ready to buy the Sundara’s. Headphones.com had a bundled deal with the Topping E30 and L30 and Sundar’s for $637.00 Would you choose that combo or the Schiit Magni Heresy + Modi combo?

I’m also open to other suggestions for dac’s / amp’s that are around that price range. This will be my first real headphone dac and amp purchase. Before this my best headphones were ipods lol.

My memory is that there isn’t that much of a quality difference between the ~$100 amps and dacs, so you should probably be fine with any of them?

WaveTheory wrote a big roundup of the cheaper amps that might help:


In that price range, both combos would be just fine. Both are solid.

At that price point, go with the American made product.

At the $200 price point, I still think you go with the American products (Geschelli products, Asgard, Modius, Magnius).

Its not until you get to that Topping A50s/D50s combo where I think the American companies aren’t quite at that level…but the JDS Labs EL DAC II and EL AMP II are pretty awesome and unique, to be fair.

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After reading the post that @rgdelato shared from @WaveTheory I was pretty sold on the Schiit Asgard 3 and the Modi 3+ combo but the Asguard is on backorder for up to two months. The Schiit’s just look like the Schiit ( in a good way). I’ll take a look at the Toppings A50s/D50s combo. I’m not opposed to spending a bit more money if it’s an audible upgrade.