High qualtiy, DIY amp kit suggestions

Does anyone have any suggestions on a good A class DIY speaker amp for say 20-25W kit suggestion? Or a class A/B for say 100W? I have been looking at a couple so far, just would like some input from some people that have built them.

Questions for the people who have built them.

  1. Did you get quality components?
  2. Did the components in the kit measure accurately to what you were supposed to get, i.e. resistor values, capacitor values, transistor activation?
  3. Was the kit actually quality?
  4. If i were to buy this kit, what would you improve?

I could design and engineer my own amplifier circuit but that is not what i’m looking for. I am looking to get a kit with all parts included (not a BOM where i have to order everything from another web site) that i can build with my kiddo to teach them how to read a schematic and apply proper techniques to building a complete circuit.

How diy? The hypeX kits are great ss amps, but the pcb is built already. U build the rest.

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Diy as in all components are sold/included. I don’t have the acid dip machine to make a single layer PCB. Nor would I want to get one at my current place since I don’t have a work shop or garage.

Look up first watt clones. They cost 500-600$ or so to build a clone. U have to source parts though I think. I do not think anyone actually sells kits. But u can get parts lists.

Have you checked Bottlehead’s offerings? I was looking up their headphone amp kits last night, really solid reviews and they have a few speaker units and a speaker/headphone amp too.

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They are good, but not powerful. I didn’t suggest because of that.

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Hi there,
You can check this website - www.kaltecs.com
They have super low distortion amplifiers with amazing sound