High tier dac/amp for gaming/music

I have sennheiser hd 660s and dac/amp combo Fiio K3. So I need some high end dac/amp combo for sennheiser hd 660s recommendation for max. 700 $. I mostly play competitive games. PUBG mostly, i need clear sound for footsteps, imaging, pin point accuracy. And I love to enyoj listening to music. I know that I can benefit mostly from cans and already have great sound but I’m sure topping dx7 pro for example is higher tier dac/amp combo than Fiio K3, because Fiio K3 is budget stuff. I know I can pull more quality from 660s with high end dac/amp I cannot decide. I have my list for next buy, but if you have some better advice, let me know.

Fostex HP-A4BL

Audio-GD – NFB11.28 Performance Edition

Topping DX7Pro

Topping DX3Pro

Fiio K5 Pro

Chord Mojo

Marantz HD-DAC1

Aune S6 Pro

Audio-GD – NFB11.38 Performance Edition

iFi Micro iDSD Black Label



I like ifi…but consider the micro iDSD Signature over the Black Label.

High tier dac amp for gaming and music ?

You are looking for a RME Adi 2 dac fs

Very clean and powerfull, good looking.

And you can save different settings on it for different use cases.

I use it with crossfeed level 2 ( better imaging and seperation) for gaming and a slightly bass and treble boost with an sharp filter

For music i use it with a nos filter it smoothes things down -1db kn treble and +2 db bass shelf.

For films i use it on crossfeed 5 and +4 db on bass

I can switch these setups with just a click on the remote

You can find it used with luck for the price you are looking for. The money is worth it. I tried different dac amp for the same use case like you. Creative g6, creative sxfi amp dac, fiio q5, fiio k5pro. Non of these satisfied me

I have the same use case like you and the adi 2 is just a chamelon and is perfect for two different use cases like gaming and music. And the sound is just high end you dont have to upgrade after these its a high end dac with an ver good build in amp.

Monolith 124459 Desktop Headphone Amplifier and DAC with THX AAA Technology
Josh Valour seems to like it.