Highend Audiophile Cables

Just bought 10m(30 feet?) of sexy ass 1.5mm(15 gauge?) “speaker wire” from a hardware store for 5$.
Pure 100% oxigen free copper, shielded with military grade plastic, color coded RED STRIPE.

I feel it really brings emphasis to the lowend on my speakers, and also helps with high volume distorsion.

/end shitpost

Serious question now, what alternatives have you found to 20$/m “audiophile” cables and 10$/piece banana plugs?
Do you have plugs or just run bare wire?

I have a few pretty cheap speaker cables with cheap bananplugs (from ebay) in each end. The reason for the banana plugs is mostly for the fact that i have a few pair of speakers, and they makes it easier to change around whenever i want to mix it up a little.

I did not notice any difference in sound quality with or without the banana plugs, nor did i notice any difference in the various cables i use (though as stated my cables are not the expensive kind, but still various degrees of cheap from differerent manufactures).

One of the sets of cables even have directional arrows for the signal flow… never tried plug them the “wrong” way though! :slight_smile:

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I’m too lazy to go into the outside world so, been using amazon basics cables and rca’s. Personally don’t understand the “audiophile” labeling on something like cables.

I have used banana plugs on speaker wire and I have also been lazy with just using bare wire. I have used thicker gage audio wire and the cheap stuff.

I have not heard a difference unless the wire oxidizes and is no longer conducting.

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110-ohm AES/EBU cables with Neutrik XLR connectors.
Well you need the gear to go along but a very good alternative still.

Will $4,49/m do ???

This is professional speaker cables… speaker cables dont need fancy features, but must be a certain gauge to run clean an without voltage drops. The cable linked is a 12 gauge, pretty decent standard for running optimal speakers.

110 ohm is for digital signals only not speaker cables :wink:

You might need bit more research. There are speakers that take digital signal. So it is speaker cable. :smiley:
But there was a little joke inside originally and it is a alternative if you change all of the gear to digital. :wink: