HiVi 3.1A for home theater

Finally Amazon has the HiVi 3.1a speakers back in stock and I managed to grab a set! I also picked up my very first projector, a BenQ HT2050. I’m about to move into a new place with a basement where I’ll be having my office and projector with a couch. I’ll be at about 11ft from the screen on the couch and I’m thinking about using the HiVi 3.1s for my left and right and picking up a sub and a used “high end from 10 years ago” 1080p receiver to power the speakers and run my multiple inputs. I’m curious if anyone have any input as to using the 3.1As for that kind of setup and if anyone has recommendations for what used receivers to look for on the pre owned inexpensive side.

I was also thinking about possibly getting these for back channels in a 4.1 setup for the home theater. I would have them pointing up against the wall similar to the little orange ones that Zeos had for his back/side for a while.