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This is the official thread for the Holo Spring 2

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • USB, AES, Coax, BNC Coax, I2S-H, and optical in, XLR & RCA out
  • 24/1.536M PCM and DSD1024
  • Oversampling and NOS, Upgraded components on KTE model

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Z Reviews…


Some day I wish to have a review on here.

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I love the look of the unit and the extremely neat electronics. I would like to see more high end show off the insides of the unit with plexi or tempered glass. Unless there is some shielding needed

I would suggest you check this out:


Cmon man, you know i have! I didnt realized the front us brushed too. I would love to see a matching amp

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I know there is a headphone amp that is the size of the Cyan. Regardless, I’ve been eyeing this DAC for a bit. At this point it’s not IF but WHEN I get this DAC.

Right now i am still waiting to set up my bf2 and rnhp that have been sitting here for weeks. It just that they have to go in a tight space with lots of wires already flying around.

I feel like that is my end hifi, but… In reality i know that is more upper mid tier and this plus a gsx-mini seem like the big brothers to the bf2 rnhp.


Literally I went from RNHP + Bifrost 2 and upgraded to the GS X mini. I can honestly say there is mini was only required for my Diana Phi. RNHP + Bifrost 2 is a perfectly acceptable end game setup as long as the RNHP can drive the headphones you want.


Currently my big headphones are audeze lcd-x and lcd-24s. Both are the newer audeze style of being easy to drive. I saw some lcd-4s at about the same price of the 24 but the secret cost of needing more than an rnhp to correctly drive those did any deals in.


I can’t speak on the LCD 24 (other than I want it!) but I can say the BF2 -> RNHP -> LCD X is still my all time favorite chain. The only reason why I want a different DAC is I’m hearing too much warmth out of the BF2 through the GS X mini through my Diana Phi. However I can still say this is BF2 -> Mini is still fantastic and I use it as a daily driver as I work from home right now. I can honestly say, the BF2 -> RNHP -> LCD X synergy is so amazing I often switch back often.

I am… considering the Holo May KTE or the Denafrips Terminator Plus as my next dac but I dont get a lot of comparisons between the two because they’re both relatively new/niche

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I haven’t heard the plus, but the regular terminator vs the may, the terminator will be a thicker more meaty sound, the holo can sound a bit dry in comparison, the may is quicker and more resolving with better layering, the may might actually be a bit more relaxed or smooth sounding, where the terminator is more energetic and punchy (but still smooth), in terms of spatial recreation I think the holo has more depth and better placement, the terminator has a bit bigger but more loose sounding stage. Dynamics wise I think the terminator might come off as more dynamic, but I think the may portraits dynamics in a more accurate sense. Timbre wise both are pretty good leaning on the more wet side, I would hesitate to call one that more organic than the other, but I might prefer the may’s timbre. From what I hear about the plus, the plus might be more inline with the may, since imo the regular terminator trades some technicalities for a more fun and colored sound, where the plus tightens things up a bit and increases technical performance and gives a bit more neutral sound, but I can’t confirm since I haven’t heard a plus yet


Yeah, this Spring 2 is something that outside of M0N feedback I haven’t seen much on this forum. It’s a weird bracket where it’s starting to be serious money but not quite top of the line. Personally the Spring DAC has my attention due to:

  1. Size I think is the largest I can go (especially vertical)
  2. Musicality here seems like it’s everything I enjoy out of my Bifrost 2 but…
  3. Synergy with the GS X Mini and my Diana Phi here is what I’m looking for here that I now hit the limits with the Bifrost 2 can give me with this signal chain.
  4. Thickness in sound while retaining details. (See my comments DFC -> HP-3, thinking much higher tier of that)

I know that for the features and performance the May seems quite nice and would treat you well. Listen to M0N for his thoughts in that price bracket though.

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This person maybe right up your alley with his review and seems align close to M0N so I deem it trustworthy without hearing the May myself.

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I really liked the may but unfortunately it kinda only was on my desk for like 4 to 5 weeks, because I ended up scoring some deals on higher tier dacs, and the may just didn’t compare lol, but I really liked it when I had it, was very solid

I had my spring 2 kte for longer though previously and it served me well

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What’s interesting to me. Is that the Terminator plus has an internal clock it uses that can also export out to other dacs/devices that have clock inputs.

I mean when you put a high tier clock in there, you might as well give people the option to use it with their other components lol. I recently added a master clock to my main living room setup and it was a fairly sizable difference (also an oven clock like the plus lol)

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Yeah, I was thinking about getting the terminator Plus and that Sotm USB thing that can reclock with a 75Ohm input and use that with my chord Dac

Sometimes usb reclockers can help, sometimes they don’t, I would check to see what other people experience before going with one of those. Personally I’ve found that going to a really nice streamer or network bridge really helps out sound quality, worthwhile investment sound wise

The holo stuff does recommend using their other tools for USB to whatever source. I’m going to hold back on that personally on the Spring 2 (eventually).