Home built subwoofer, Thoughts? Opinions?

Well as this is my first post here i thought i should make it about my favorite topic, Sub woofers.

Really i just want to show off my sub woofer a little. She isn’t pretty but she works well.

Its a 4.2 cube box before displacement that is tuned to about 30 give or take a Hz. The sub woofers are Earthquake sounds TNT 12s 12’s.

This is powered by a Crown Xls1000

At 2 ohms it should be doing about 600rms in theory

This setup isn’t bad and can really rattle things around on the low notes. I am having some cancellation issues currently but i am planning on making bass traps for the corners of the room to help alleviate that.


Room treatment can help greatly with that for sure. Bass traps in corners will make a big difference. Also putting traps whenever there is a 90 degree angle will also help. So spacing them out is effective. Also it if it’s on hardwood or tile, getting a thick rug can work well.

I have been trying to get some decent high density closed cell foam to isolate it off the floor. A small rug would probably work well, thank you for the suggestion!