Home theater av receiver recommendation

Hi I had 2 home theater consoles that died and was wondering if somebody could point me in the general direction of a barebones av receiver that I can just plug copper wire connections into or banana plugs or some other sort of generic connection.
I forgot to say this all the speakers are in good condition

I would look at how many speakers you have (for the configuration), then which features and decoders you want, then pick a reliable brand. I wouldn’t go big on AVRs because they go obsolete so quickly.

5.1 setup something thats good and cheap really is what im looking for

I ended up getting an Onkyo that has all of the features I wanted, HDMI, 4K, Atmos, and the configuration I wanted. I got it on sale for 180 or so. Even at that, I probably won’t buy another Onkyo in the future and look for a more reliable brand.
My setup is 5.1.2.

something cheaper than the onkyo as i dont need 4k something under $150

Have you checked local used listings, as av receivers can show up for pretty cheap on the 2nd hand market?

nothing local

I just did a search for 5.1 receiver and was blown away at all the listings. Lots there, name brands like prioneer and Denon all under 150.

I live in a small island in the caribbean where the used market tends to be small or nonexistent for any hobby