Home Theater Center Speaker Under 4"


I’m space constrained for my center speaker and only have 4" of space to work with between TV and built-in. Are there any good speakers you guys know of?


I’m using a Polk S35 and it’s 4.1" tall. While I would have prefered the S30 for the larger woofers, I too had space constraints. Under 6" tall centers seem tough to come by. Pretty pleased so far with the S35, but will say it does not hit the lower frequencies as much as I would like, but expected when you are forced into smaller woofers.

@Multibeast - thanks a lot for your recommendation! Any idea how they’d pair with these? Also, any recommendations on a good 5.1 AV?

I have never heard those speakers before so can’t speak to their sound signature, but will say you will want some speakers that cover the low end well if you are not planning on introducing a subwoofer. People mix and match speakers all the time so no issues in that sense. Since you are planning on using amazon there really is no downside to trying them all out and returning what, if anything, does not work well.

As for an AVR, I’m a bit of a Denon fan and have been using the x1400h for over three years now and have had a good experience overall. HEOS has been a pretty nice integration to have as well. Only thing is wish I had was preouts for integrating amplifiers and not zone 2 preouts, but that has nothing to do with the product just me being hasty and getting a good deal on a floor model.

Hopefully some others will chime in on the AVR front and can perhaps give a few more suggestions, bit I think most of the top brand introductory avrs are pretty comparable.

I purchased this subwoofer along with the Yahama TSR-700. Hope it all works out!

Nice! Amazon never carries it, but the S35 can be found in white, but tough to find. I tried but gave up.

I would have loved it in white, but as you said, it’s hard to find :frowning:

Second the S35 if you absolutely need a slim center. The other option is getting a super nice L+R and going centerless depending on your space.

If you can’t raise the TV somehow, they also sell stands for Centers to get the height up if you place a bigger one on a stand. If that’s not an option, they make wall brackets and/or brackets that mount to the wall mount holes on your TV to place it just above and angle down. I’m assuming those are free, otherwise you’d just wallmount the TV and make more room for the center.

Yeah, I don’t have any other choice for a center speaker it seems like. I’d much prefer to get something else, but S35 is the only good slim one out there.