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Hello all!!

I’m currently building a new home with a 20’ by 20’ living space where my home theater system is going to be self-installed. I am looking for a system (just front floor tower speakers and center speaker preferably) for around $1500. I currently have 2 motion 15 martin logans (which I am open to selling) a great receiver and a Klipsch 10-inch ref sub.

I am looking for either a full makeover if you will or an addition to my system. I am looking for any recommendations in regards to an all-around speaker system.


Ohm Walsh 2000 - no need for a center channel or sub.
Ask for a discount (like I did) or wait for their sales.

I have the 1000 (smaller room then yours). They fill the room with sound. They look great too.

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random question how do you like those motion 15s?