Home Theater project 2.1/5.1 questions

I recently got a marantz av surround receiver sr5001 (for free).
I have no previous experience in audio but seeing the back of the receiver made me curious what the options are. What I can realize with this thing

So I did some research here and there but I find it extremely difficult to really know what I can do and how the quality will be / is from the receiver.

What I want:
A home theater (got an optoma optoma hd142x beamer)
and want to upgrade the sound quality but want to use it also for listening to music.
This will go from techno, dnb , rock …

I have some two cheap bookshelf speakers from when I was young. but they can’t really bring out those low frequencies.

Should I go for a 2.1? or would a 5.1 fullfill my goal more if I stay in the same price range.(600 dollars)
or start with a 2.1 and improve it later on to a 5.1?

should I begin with just a subwoofer and then switch out those bookshelf speakers later on?

Thanks in advance!

a quality 2.1 is much better than a budget 5.1.


I’ll second that opinion.

You’re better off getting higher quality speakers to start and then expanding as you go. $600 will get you a much better 2.1 than a 5.1. If it’s something you think you would upgrade eventually anyway, it makes more sense to get better fronts and a sub, and only have to add rears and a center later, rather than getting all of it, not being totally satisfied, and replacing the whole thing later.

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I would actually go so far s to recommend getting the best 2.0 speakers you can and add a sub later. up here in Canada the Kef LS50’s just went on sale for $900. if the exchange rate applies, you may be able to find these for close to your price range. these were $2K speakers when they first came out, so worth any extra you may have to scrounge and in smaller rooms, will have a good bass presence until you can add a sub.

or take a look at the Kanto TUK. I think there’s even an Elan with ribbon tweeters in your price range.

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I don’t know if I would go with Kanto tuks for home theater

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I would also suggest this line of action. Have done it also this way.
First the Front speakers, then Sub, then Center and Surrounds at the same time.

First get a good front speakers as in 2.0 (towers? or bigger sized bookshelf).
Also might want to take in consideration IF the same speaker family / series does have Center & small bookshelf speakers. Sound signature (elements) would be same as they do sound similar for more… similar sound from all speakers.
Minor detail for some but to me it’s important and i want every speaker from the same series/family.
Maybe even the sub that’s not so important. Overall integration, low end and performance is.


that’s true…forgot the HT specification. I don’t watch TV, so I’m all about nearfield, LoL.


I thought about recommending just going 2.0, but I wasn’t sure how satisfying low end output would be from a 600 dollar pair of speakers. I don’t know of many towers that sell for 300 each, and I don’t off the top of my head know of a 600 dollar pair of bookshelves that are known for having super strong low end.

The Elac Unifi are in that range though, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about those. Plus they have a matching center

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Klipsch 50% off right now, some really good prices on nice stuff. Good luck and enjoy


That Marantz has a plethora of ins and outs. Holy heck.

Definitely figure out what you’re going to do with the system: is it mainly home theater, music, books on tape, whale sounds?

Try not to just add to your system because buying cool stuff is cool. Maybe get a good 2.1 first, then see if you want a 3.1, then go 5.1. You can always add on and/or upgrade. Your current bookshelf speakers might not be bad as your rear speakers once you get better fronts.

Also, try to enjoy it throughout your journey haha

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