Home Theater System buying advice

Hey all,
I am looking at my first decent sound system. Budget is around $3-4k (flexible) and will be used for home theater, music, and pc gaming. The room is pre-wired for in ceiling speakers and is 17x16 (since the home is open concept the kitchen and dining room add an additional 28x16 to the living room space). See below for floor plan diagram.


I also do a lot of pc gaming which would be in a separate office that is 13x12. Not sure if this should be a separate system or if I could have home theater equipment pull double duty. (would have to be able to control office speakers wirelessly if it were controlling both office and living room speakers).


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Hi there, how many speakers in ceiling ? Use them for atmos. Now is a funky time to get a AVR. Acts of god upheaval factory chip fire and HDMI 2.1