House party speakers

Hello everyone I’m pretty new to the speaker game. I’m throwing a house party in my basement which has one main room and another separate room which is accessible through a doorway through the main room. I am a college student and my budget probably can’t stretch past 400. I’m looking to be able to have great sound quality in both rooms. If you guys have any recommendations I’d love to hear them.

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$400 is pushing it…but a couple $200 multi-room speakers would likely suffice. take a look at the higher end Bluetooth speakers from Soundcore. :slight_smile:

edit- also, my bad, welcome to HFG, Nathan! :slight_smile:

whats your source? ie how will you be playing the music? bluetooth off of phone? a record player?

you could go with this x2. get a buddy to share the cost and they can take a set home.

edit: the speakers alone are only 5$ less. but those amps are fairly weak. but they are an all in one solution for each room. you can skip the weak amps, save the 5$/pair and buy a couple cheap better amps.

also, how much time before the party? check ebay/craiglist for used speakers. can get some vintage large woofer speakers, a lot of times local pickup only, for cheap. might be some gems near you.

There are active PA speakers than can take in everything from XLR Mics to Bluetooth. Maybe rent one of those.

As for the two-room problem: Maybe just have one be the quieter of the two?

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Bluetooth is the source

Party is about 3-4 weeks out

Or an aux cord

I found a Polk home theater system for 300 dollars on marketplace. Description is If ad is up, it is still available. I will not respond to messages asking if it is.

5.1 Home theater speakers


Polk Audio Towers, Center, Surrounds.

Sony subwoofer

Excellent condition just looking to go to a soundbar setup instead.

I wonder if that would be so much sound for the main room it would filter into the second room. Not sure if the home theater includes a Bluetooth option though.

nice! you can use the surrounds in second room.

snag something like that to power them.

Thanks for the help guys!

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