How are Kanto Passive for a desk setup?

So iv’e looking for a air of speakers for my desktop setup and after some time and though, i figured i’d go for the YU2 Kanto speakers, it pretty good reviews and the GF approved of the look :slight_smile: (i cant get the YU4 in my area).

But i stumbled upon Kanto’s passive while going through Amazon, and they do ship to my area. So my question is, how do the YU4 passive compared to the passive, is it worth to buy the passive and get a amp separately, or wasting their potential on a desk setup and i should just get the YU2 and be done with it

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they get good reviews. have not heard them personally.

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The YU2 is considerably smaller than even the YU Passive 4". Either will work on desktop but if you don’t have a lot of space then the more compact speaker may be the better option. YU2 is nice because it has a sub out in case you want to expand the system. If you purchase a passive setup you’d either need a speaker amp with a sub out or a sub with hi level inputs.

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Im pretty clueless when it comes to speaker amps, any one that are decent around the 200$ price point (with a sub out)

Sabaj a10a is an option

Just an amp or would you like a dac/amp combo?

I got dacs from my headphone setup so its not bit deal to move one over to speakers (Topping E30, IFI ZEN DAC and SMSL M100), so dac is nice for an all in one but its totally optional

SMSL SA300 is a solid choice. If you can spend a little more, the SMSL DA-9 is hard to beat.

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You can also keep an eye out on the used market for something like a Parasound Zamp v.3

Elec 4in are on sale amazon $118. Smsl SA300 display blanks out. It came back on for the last couple days. Not the only one on amazon reporting a dead display.

ya i saw the ELAC’s the thing is it didn’t pass the GF approval bar, mainly cause they aren’t white (my recent PC is mainly white, which is why it "has to match)

I also made the mistake of showing her the Triangle Borea BR02, which look amazing (it also has pretty good reviews). But its over 300$, and its passive meaning i have to throw in amp in the mix which makes this way too expensive

Hmm, think the jamos are on sale. Those come in white.

C91ii $199.

if you are talking the 803’s out of stock in my region, and amazon wount ship them here :frowning:
That’s why i went for the YU4 passive, cause they wount ship the active ones for some reason

C91ii what part of the world ?

I’ll check if i can get them locally but amazon wount ship them…

Buy the elacs and wrap them in wallpaper. Bedazzle them. Lol better yet let her do it order like glitter arts n crafts shit, give her a project during lockdowns.

HERESY! I will not have my PC desecrated by this “glitter”
Also her art and crafts capabilities are “lacking” to be polite

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Getting sound is the most important thing.
Its a know fact we live in quiet disperation hiding out in the garage.

I’ve used the Kanto Yu2 for a couple years now as a desktop speaker. I don’t use it for music too often to be honest, I’ve got some floorstanding and bookshelf speakers scattered around my room. I personally loathe using large bookshelf speakers at my desk, as real estate here is valuable…

I see the Yu2 as a natural upgrade from cheap desktop Logitech speakers, they’re a lot clearer. A bit lacking in bass, but that can always be remedied later with a sub.

I can’t speak to the Kanto passives sadly, I just wanted to say I’m fairly satisfied with the Yu2 for my specific use case.