How are the Dunu Falcon Pro?

I see some people have been getting their Falcon Pros in. What are the initial impressions? I would love to hear some initial comparisons to other IEMs like the Oxygen, Mangird tea, B2 Dusk, Timeless 7hz, etc


I’m actually curious myself. Beyond what everyone is saying online I feel that it has potential.

They seem to compare real close to the E2000 that I like for EDM and hip-hop with the addition of a decent soundstage (I’m using CP100+ tips).

Maybe its the same sound signature but better quality and maybe even better technicalities?!

It’s been pretty hit and miss with reviewers so far. Check out bggrs Kato video, he talks about his falcon pro impressions there. Not good for his library he says

My library and his couldn’t be more different.
I trust his opinion when he says something is not good but it if it’s not good for his library it doesn’t mean much to me tbh.
That’s why I do appreciate him reviewing with music.

My full review of the Falcon Pro is up on my blog.

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