How bad are the Raycon wireless earphones?

That one has been an annoyance to me when a sponsor of that brand is being shown by Youtubers that I know and like, and my first impression of it was like “what the hell is this and I have never seen this brand before.” Yeah I am skeptical about it and I also have this stigmatic view on some audio equipment that are wireless and most of the ones I have tried or borrowed from people that have those, are just not that good. So, to the ones who gave these ones a try, how bad was it?

a coworker uses them bought them cause we are all podcast fiends at work and when you listen to podcasts you are bound to hear an ad for them. Out of morbid curiousity I tried them. they are painfully average. they aim for a super consumer V shaped sound where the bass is super bloated and not in they way I personally like. while I have said on many occatsions I can appreciate a loose messy bass response this is just bloated and has drowned out other sounds. if traycon wanted to go for this sound sig they would have done better to go for a multi driver set up but they go for v shape with one driver to their detriment. they arent bad though I did have fun with them and functionality wise they were pretty good and performed just as well as you would expect it to. for the price they arent great. personally I think the KZ TWS IEMs sound better. they also look cheap and feel cheap. spend a little more and get galaxy buds or jabra elite 65ts


A friend sent me two videos from “Jimmy Tries World” (the 2nd of which is now private). In there he speculates the Raycon IEMs may be a rebranded and marked up version of some generic chinese stuff.

Graphs don’t tell the whole story, but in this case, they are quite telling:



That’s oof right there. Looks like I was right about it when I first saw it, it is really that bad.

yeah the KZ ones are definitely better and hell a lot cheaper than these things. Also I heard from some users that the Raycons are just rebranded cheap Chinese wireless earbuds, and I guess I was right in the first place when I saw them and I am like they are not going to be that good. I think I would buy the Fiio TWS transmitter or something so that I can still use my IEMs that I have but wireless.

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yeah just saw that, it was not really that good. Also AVGN has been sponsoring them lately, I love the guy and I know he needs money due to YT being an ass, but it’s a bit disappointing to think that he could have sponsored something else.

yeah that is not far from the truth. I guess Ray really did CON some of us who are too innocent or curious enough.

it actually turns out the person who gave the rumor actually spoke to raycon and told him that was actually not the case

i still do not trust any sponsorships beyond 2 (a vinyl subscription service fantano once was sponsored by and i have been a member since 2015 even when they do shit albums, and nordVPN but i am starting to have issues with nord and netflix)

i feel like if you are even somewhat big enough to have a fanbase i feel you should be able to get a patreon and go all crowdfunding, sponsorships just make you seem bleh

yeah I agree, at least with Patreon you’re being more genuine to anyone and to yourself.