How did this happen?

HFG is on my Android home page like an app. its much more than a Chrome shortcut as when I press n hold the icon it gives me options to make a new post n such.

i wanna know if I can do this for other forums I frequent because the shortcuts I made for them are dumb.

If they’re built with the same forum platform as this then most likely. I’ve had it turned into an app like icon since I joined HFG

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and all you did was add it to your homepage? nothing else?

Yeah basically. A little download icon appears on the right of the address bar an it just automatically turns it into a mini app
also you can do this on desktop as well.

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son of a gun, thank you for pointing that out! :smiley:

is that feature a plugin for forums to install or does it have to be a specific platform to do that?

Its tied to chrome
on desktop You can do it for YouTube
And probably others
So its probably dependent on chrome’s api

hmmm…well, I’m a dummy when it comes to stuff like that.

I was hoping I could do that for the and forums.