How do Campfire sets scale

ie in general, do they respond well to higher tier sources?..just interested that’s all, if anyone has tried them on mid (hugo2 or +) IEM source gear :beers:

Pretty well, fairly source picky too lol, their ba designs tend to scale a bit better but their dynamics also scale very well

Just wondering if it’s worth getting a Hugo2 alongside my Micro as I do really like my two CF sets…or go up a tier in IEM’s tis awfully :confounded:
Kinda want to jump on a A8000 or a Z1R oh and maybe a MEST but now with their 2 takes on tuning i’m kinda meh…
I’II never be a one set one source type, I like mixing, matching and working out which synergy works best for me depending on my mood and what genre I’m listening to lol.

I mean in that case, what if you got something like a cayin n6ii and a few dac and amp cards to play around with? Really excellent dap and imo would be an upgrade to the micro bl in some ways. I really like the e02 card for something neutral and accurate but with a bit of warmth, and the t01 card for something really smooth and relaxed


Never used a DAP in my life, I stream all my music off a MacBook Pro (Amazon HD) can I do this off a DAP?..the last mobile music device I had was a Sony WM DC2 :older_man:t3: lol

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You should be able to, it’s somewhat similar to a phone interface in a sense

It wouldn’t leave the Barge, so how would I connect the DAP to the Mac?..don’t care if it’s USB as I said It won’t move ie desk top.

Either through usb to use it as a dac amp or to transfer files, or you could just run it entirely independent from the mac as long as you have a wifi signal

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The Polaris and Andro sounded much better on the A&Ultima SP2000 than the M11 pro if I remember correctly, but that again what wouldn’t.


Yep 4g wifi on the barge (mostly) it’s ok to stream Netflix etc

How would this compare to say a Hugo2 or Hugo TT? etc

Ok what’s the asking price in the US used for one of those?..UK eBay Cayin N6ii Digital Audio Player With T01 And E02 Amp Modules mint used = £850 :man_shrugging:

Dannnng that’s actually really good imo, I think us it’s like 1400 new with an e02 module, the t01 is like 300 new and the e02 is like 350 ish new

Ok so compared to a Hugo2?

Hugo 2 is more resolving and a bit more refined, but the cayin (with the e02) has a lower noise floor (andros might hiss a bit too much out of the hugo 2 without an ie match) and imo a more generally pleasing signature, while getting close to what the chord can offer, but ultimately the hugo 2 leads a bit in performance imo (and cost lol)

Cool that answers my question, just what’s needed in my chain thank you buddy :+1:

The Hugo 2 was pretty neat, better than the Dave in my opinion lmao. It was neutral so it didn’t really make the andros any less lean, but they were very clear indeed.

As for portability, Chord use the term portable loosely when they describe the Hugo2

Just like ifi, “transportable” lol

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No portability needed :+1:

v’s TT2 + M Scaler?..

Napoleon Dynamite haha. TT2 + M Scaler would be better in my opinion. It would last longer and have a cleaner sound

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