How do I get my music library everywhere?

So I have a giant music library of flacs on my PC. Now recently I got an m1 MacBook, and I’ve been using it a lot more then I thought I would. So I wanna listen to my stuff on here, but copying and pasting my library would take to much space, and it would be painstaking to update it each time I add something new on my pc library. So are there any cloud services I could use to get my library everywhere that’s free? Spotify’s quality is ehhh and the ads are insufferable.

For local network, it may be enough to open the directory with the music to the network:
Under Windows, Rightclick > Properties > Share and onwards from there.
Not sure how well MacOS handles the Microsoft file systems.

Plex can make your collection available everywhere.

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It does fine, Apple has it’s own SMB implementation, which while not “fantastic”, is more than good enough to stream music.
If the OP is talking about streaming from it while out of the house, then the options get a lot thinner.
Something like Plex would work.

Store all your music on a local NAS. I use synology.
Drives can be configured for redundancy and theres lots of apps that can run on it.
PLEX is one. Theres also native apps like DS Audio, or Media Station.


For me it is just endless updating. My whole collection is in iTunes in ALAC, AAC and MP3 formats on my PC.

I also copied it to my laptop for running in my system in the living room.

I also have a Sony DAP that I have to synch with my desktop, via a Sony program which maintains a duplicate of iTunes.

There is another DAP that I run in my car (iPod Classic) that also has to be synched with the desktop.

And lastly, there is my phone. My LG V30 synchs with iTunes via an app.

It is a bit of work and my DAP’s don’t get updated as often as they should. :grin:

I have an external drive that I load music onto (I also have a large-ish thumb drive for redundancy.) I loaded an SD card into my Galaxy S9 and installed an app called DriveSync. When I get new music I upload it to Google Drive. DriveSync is configured to detect and download any changes to my Drive music folder. I have it set up as a one way sync so once it downloads I can delete the files from my Drive and they will stay on my phone.

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Thanks for the suggestion! But I decided to go for a plex setup cus it was the simplest lol


Yeah this setup is probably only going to be temporary. Right now my library is still under 256gb. Once it outgrows that I’ll have to get a more robust system because it won’t fit in my micro SD or thumb drive anymore.

I second the recommendation to use a NAS. I’m a big Synology fan, too.

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