How do you organize your DAP music files

Curious to know how do some of you music enthusiast organize your folders for your daps? And best programs to tag album art?

I have folders for artists and then all the files from different albums are just thrown in there. I sometimes auto tag my files with eac if it’s a rip of a cd, but a neat program is dbPoweramp, as when you hover over a audio file it will display properties and info about the file, and then in the file properties in windows it offers a super easy way to tag files and modify info. It can also auto tag files album art (not good for mass tagging though) from the internet. A free alternative might be mp3tag which is good for mass file tagging. I should probably say I have a library of over 50,000 songs

I organize my music collection by year released and then albums. My formatting goes something like this;

Year/[xxxx.xx.xx] Artist Name - Album Name [Format]/ Files

Best program for tagging I’ve come across is mp3tag

For the file names, have you ever use Advanced Renamer? You can do batch file renaming with rules and filters and it’s super handy

I used to make sure that all files have the correct tagging information but after a while this becomes too large of a task if you lots of files.

Now I just organise by folder and have it in the format ‘artist’ / ‘album’ / ‘track’.

It drives me nuts if there is no album art, artist, album, title, and track number, but everything else I don’t care about

There has to be track number and title in the file, otherwise you might as well be listening to it on random and I prefer to listen to an album straight through.

Album art is a bonus, if it’s not there it’s not a big deal.

You know I was thinking about getting that program but I’m waiting until I get a new computer since I see they have a license to use on one computer and another for multiple computers but it’s very pricey. I’m speaking about the reference package that allows you to tag your music files

Yes I have the reference version. I don’t know if they have a trial version, but it is pretty great. I was able to transfer my copy still registered to my laptop, but I had to modify some stuff and do some registry garbage to trick it into thinking it was the same pc

Been using dBpoweramp for years for tagging , ripping, encoding, etc. Wouldn’t think of using anything else.

Artist folders then separate folders for albums after that. I only have 2 250gb Micro SD cards right now so I have to split my library in two to fit it all which is a little frustrating, hoping to get a 400 or 500GB soon.

I use MP3Tag for metadata work. I like it’s features for mass renaming files / folders.