How do you safely trade audio equipment via mail?

For those who have done a kind of high end audio “trade / barter” transaction where no money is exchanged - how do you securely track exchange of goods without payment? If you send your high end equipment over the mail - is there a way to verify the identity of the person you are sending goods to?

Not to say I don’t trust people, but if you were to try to trade a set of $1000+ headphones for another $1000+ heaphones with someone you don’t know via a forum who has relatively few posts, is there a way to do it safely with little risk on both sides?

Any good system for bartering expensive items you all have found? Almost like a trade goods escrow or something? Or some way to secure the goods in transit via deposit or insurance?

Trust to a point, purchase coverage for what you ship. I have moved many items through the different services and luckily not had a problem so far.