How do you ship headphones and gear?

Hey guys - question regarding shipping expensive headphones and gear.

I shipped a package UPS ground earlier today, insured and it seemed I may have overpaid. Any tips on the best way to ship a set of expensive headphones, w/ insurance?

Any good tips on ways to save money on shipping costs? Also, how do you ship differently depending on weight and size of the item, and insurance requirements? Are some postal carriers better for heavier items vs smaller items? Standard box sizes that ship cheaper?

Old post but it may be useful information to others.
If you do a Paypal transaction with an invoice to someone, it qualifies you to ship at Paypal negotiated rates, which are much cheaper than counter rates at the shippers. Boxes at Walmart are available in all sizes, and rolls of “masking paper” are $3 and make great box filler (recycled craft paper).
Heavy things are cheapest with UPS ground, and USPS for light stuff. If you send it signature required, also insure it since someone along the way will see it as valuable and prone to theft. Always overpack and double box so it literally can take a 6 foot drop.

eBay has negotiated rates which are low, but if you just send someone you’re shipping to an invoice for a few dollars (if they’re paying a different way) then you can ship with Paypal low rates to their address. If you’re sending sheet music or audio tapes, or CD’s then you can send it Media Mail which is the lowest rate. This is slow and offers no insurance, and 2 percent are opened to check it’s actually media in the box.

Always best to get a cheap scale and weigh stuff and measure. Capitol One has a Fedex discount program if you like them and have an account or want to make one. To Alaska, Hawaii, or any territory it’s USPS all the way. I ship to Guam, and it’s the same price as California or Washington State.
If you ship in Walmart brand moving boxes for big stuff, there’s almost a zero chance those expensive headphones will get stolen/pilfered. Use a cheap looking, sturdy box to ship expensive items…

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