How does bluetooth work?

Hello. I have a pair of Swans MFA actives hooked to my computer. The problem is, the main speaker is to close to me when sitting at the computer. My computer does not have bluetooth, but I do have an adaptor to make it so, and the speakers are bluetooth ready. Can anyone tell me how to rig the bluetooth? Do I only need the power cord or do I need other cords involved? Is the optical cord involved with bluetooth. I’m not familiar with that cord. Sorry, I’ve never used bluetooth, so I have no clues.

You’ll have to put the speakers into pairing mode (should involve holding a BloeTooth button on remote or on the speakers themselves). Check documentation for the speakers if you need help figuring that out. After the speakers are in pairing mode, you can go into the Bluetooth Control Panel on your computer and choose to add a device. The speakers should show up in the device list. You choose them and tell the system to connect, then they should show up in your sound device list.

Okay, but what cords need to be run? Is it just the power cord I need for this? I would no longer need the cable that connects both speakers? and no longer need the cable that goes from the computer to the control speaker?

You definitely no longer need the signal cable to the computer. You’ll definitely still need power to the speaker(s). You may also need to use the cable that connects the speakers together (especially if the only connection to the secondary speaker is that cable), would need to know your specific model to know for sure.

I have Swan M5A.

Yeah, you’re going to have to keep the line between the two speakers there, but other than that you should just need the power cable to the master speaker. When you hit the Bluetooth button on your remote the speakers should be in pairing mode unless you have something else already connected to them (I’ll assume you haven’t)

Thanks a lot. It is much clearer to me now, in my mind of what to do. I will try it tonight or tomorrow.

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Once I get those on the opposite wall with bluetooth, is it possible to also run my Edifier actives through the computer? and can those be run off the blue tooth also?

You’re not going to be able to run them as a group if that’s what you mean.

I just hooked up the bluetooth, but the audio is stuttering badly. Do you know how to fix?

Give these a try (Don’t use their Fix4). Also, check what version of Bluetooth your PC adapter supports. If it’s something less than Bluetooth 5.0 you may need to get a newer adapter.

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how does Bt work? pixie dust and magic!


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I had a remote tech try to help today. He worked hard and long, but he couldn’t solve it. So I’m going back to the cables and moving to a different wall so I can spread the speakers out better. The living room couch is taking a hit because of this, to make room. I’ve spent the night cutting it up, so I can throw the couch out.

Would should be tested or problemsolved is:

  • do the M5A’s stutter with other BT devices like mobile devices.
    = If not. Problem is in sender end.
    = If yes. Problems is with speakers (test distances).

  • If the problem is in PC side as sender end.
    -What BT unit is sending, make model?
    -Does it happen in all USB ports?
    -Does it happen with different distances (near, close, far etc)?
    -Are there other devices near with Wifi (2.4GHz) tablets phones or microwaves etc?
    Try another sender unit and so on.
    The “cause” is pretty easy to find with normal troubleshooting.

This is more technical things so won’t go into details “HOW” if all above is more in the “dont know what he typed or understand or dont know how to try” department.

But Cables is the way. :slight_smile: