How does the ESS-chip Modi 3E sound?

So there was a fire at the AKM chip factory back in October of 2020, which meant that there were going to be shortages of AKM dac chips in the future.

The future is now.

I’m thinking about getting a Modi 3E but there is a dearth of information available on how it sounds compared to the original, AKM-powered Modi 3+. Can anyone shed some light?

I like how Schiit covers their sh*t with metal and not plastic like everyone else. That should keep emf’s from going in or out - and it looks good too.

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from the bits I’ve heard AKM chips are generally a tad warmer, ESS and Saber are a bit more neutral, but there is variance from that as well depending on design and implementation, I would imagine they got it as close to the same as possible with different chips installed but can’t be certain.
maybe you could email Schitt and ask about the differences in their Schitt? lmao

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