How good are the HE5?

Saw these on sale. thinking of buying them for 230$ good buy? how dothey compare to the Elex? The Anandas are looking pretty good to. how do they compare?

I think they are pretty good and super power hungry but can be run by the thx desktop amps. It’s a fun planar that hits harder than most modern planars. Honestly a fun piece to own. I don’t think it’s as refined as detailed as the elex or ananda, but the bass is alot more enjoyable for fun imo.

Edit: I should say they are pretty v shaped and a fun planar, and would recommend if you know you would like that

old HiFiMan sound with little mids, not as thic as Audeze
terrific bass and raised but not aggressive high pitch
relatively tidy and not too tight stage
extem power hungry … not less than 2 watts with their impedance … also very good with a speaker amplifier
of course not as much resolution as modern dynamic but a lot of fun
I would buy them for the good price, but the sound signature will not please everyone

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I think you can power them with 1 wpc and be fine, but to get the most of them I think something with 3wpc at 50 ohms is ideal (as long as it’s clean). They scale fairly well too