How good are the Sony Walkman?

saw some the other day and they appeared reasonably priced. don’t remember the models, but just iver $100 CAD.

nvm, they’re a joke. 8 or 16GB of space. >.<

But many have micro sd expansion slots.
I have the NW-A45 with a card in it…Great litte dap with good UI and great battery life…no streaming but I don’t use streaming services anyway…I’d have another Walkman without hesitation.

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I have an NW-ZX300 and it is very good. I use a 200GB micro SD card in it.
The Sony software is not great though for transferring and organizing the music. I love the simplicity and flexibility of iTunes.

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Do the tracks on the SD card become part of the library database?

Yes they do. I have a few classical albums saved on the internal memory and the rest on the card and they all show up in the library.
They are separated in the Sony software I use to rip and then drag and drop into the player , you just select internal or card as the destination.
The software is pretty good actually it allows me to rip at Flack but down sample the output to the player to keep the files smaller and top sound quality on the move isn’t high n my list.
I then drag the Flack files to my SSD plugged into my router so I can stream them .

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