How good...or not good is the Audio Technica LP60X?

someone local is trying to sell theirs for $120 CAD. it’s not a huge drop in price as it sells new on for $160. reviews are from 3 star to 4.5 star, depending on the source. buyers give it higher than 4 while review sites are between 2 to 4, with a lot of the general consensus being it’s a good ‘starter’ turntable.

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I think I had an earlier iteration years ago. Good starter turntable, needs a good phono-preamp tho (like anything else).

I’d say, if you want to play around with vintage vinyl, it’s a good starting point. But if you want to do critical listening of new presses with headphones… not the thing. Getting into vinyl costs $$$$.

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I’m a listener…not an analyzer. :smiley:

Then it’s a decent enough turntable. :+1: Back when I had mine, I was just listening to thrift store vinyl (cleaned and destaticed) and it did the trick just fine.

I have one and so far there are no complaints. As said by @KeroseneSlickback , if you want to dip your toes in the vinyl world, I think is a nice starter point.