How I feel giving IEM recommendations 30+ IEM Shootout

I hope you all appreciate the thought, emotion and sometimes torture that goes into making well thought-out IEM recommendations that will suit all of your personal preferences, wants & needs. Looking at you @luizgarcia ! :wink:

It’s a difficult and painful process sometimes like choosing between your own children. I know his pain… I got a kick out of this video because I do the same thing second guessing every aspect of every IEM I’m comparing. lol Check it out.


Thanks for posting. Gonna check it later!

Hahaha, nice! I can tell you that i personally highly appreciate your help as well as the help of other that helped me in my journey so far, it would take me a lot more time to figure out the right gear for me without you guys to help me.

I have many others to thank as well but between you and @Rikudou_Goku i found answers to all my questions while deciding which gear to get next!

Hell many of you here don’t know but @Resolution even sold me his Dunu Zen which he was not planning on selling, because he thought it was the one i was looking for, and he was right btw! lol

This is an awesome community and i already consider some of you as my friends personally, if we were not each of us in a different country i wish we could grab a beer!


It took long enough! I wish we could have helped you earlier.

I’m happy we were able to get something you are happy with… at least for a little while. :slight_smile:

You’re not easy to please, that’s for sure.

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LOL tell me about it man, i am now trying to find myself a new mechanical keyboard (going TKL), i have already purchased 4 different keyboards! Most people just buy one and they are done :slight_smile:

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Love mech tlk keyboards :heart: thats another nice money sink


We have a lot of the same tendencies, I just usually keep my mistakes. I did the same thing ago with mice. I work on the computer so mouse comfort was/is extremely important to me. How better find the perfect item for yourself than to try everything?

Dunno if this helps, but also have gone through a lot of keyboards. I use this right now and I like it…

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I use this

I jacked up my wrist so I have to use low profile, the Gateron low profile browns are really nice to type on and the fact that it has Bluetooth to switch over to for my IPad has come in more handy then I would like to admit. Also 104 key for life.

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That one was in my list but i was looking for a TKL because of ergonomy, i am a software developer so i type all day non stop, i love this job because i can listen to my headphones / iems 8 hours per day every day.

When it comes to keyboards i got addictes to Cherry MX Blue switches, i could not use them in the office because they are super loud, but now with home office i finally get to have a nice keyboard.

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I always prefered 104 keys and it was a real pain to get used to TKL, but after you get used to it there is no turning back, the ergonomy is ao much better, your mouse sits right where the numeric pad used to be, it is awesome but requires patience to get used to the missing keys. Tool me 2 weeks to adapt.

I do way to much data entry using the 10 keys. The ergonomic benefits of TKL would actually work against me.

When I travel I actually have a 10 key pad I use, so technically I could go TKL and just use 2 boards the normal TKL board and my 10 key pad, but I pretty much require the 10 key in some form.

I used to think the same, i write software for a living so trust me when i say the 10 keys were REALLY being used. But to me the transition was worth it.

Nice! I am a Design Director in multimedia creation/3D rendering for a design firm in New York. Let me know what keyboard you end up with! Very interested.

One of the main applications I use requires me to have the numpad. No way around it.

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I’m a software developer as well, and I bought a WASD keyboard that I like quite a bit:

Also, ergonomics-wise, getting a keyboard tray for my desk actually made a huge difference recently, I’m doing a lot more sitting back in my chair, bending my wrists a lot less, etc. I got one of the ones that tilts up, kinda like this: