How linus tech tips brought me to my knees

So I got the infamous dt 990s with their murderous treble, and I loved everything about it. They were sharp but very crystal clear. I do miss the mids of my old nighthawks but I give it to my older brother. So I was just chilling watching YouTube, and went to watch the latest linus tech tips video, and Jesus Christ I found out what a meant by the murderous highs. Not even the most sharpest songs I could find sounded too sharp, but once I heard his voice, me ears just started fucking bleeding, like especially when he pronounces his s. I just threw my dt 990s off and realised ,y head was throbbing. I had to take a friggin Tylenol to make it stop…

Watch this to cure your ears:

Bleeding ears means you had the volume to high and should see a doctor.

Was today’s lesson: take tylenol and enjoy dt 990s ? Confused.

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It’s abou Linus Sebastian’s high-pitched voice.

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Or you are treble sensetive and had DT-series on.
In that case, welcome to the club.

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