How long do earphones last with normal average use.? Life expectancy

It is understood that they are cared for and treated in a good way, with cleaning, storage in cases, etc.

  • Less than 6 moths
  • 6 moths
  • 1 year
  • 2 year
  • 3 year
  • Dynamic drivers last longer than planar drivers.
  • Planar drivers last longer than dynamic drivers.
  • More than 3 years.
  • It always depends on the brand.

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Provided well cared for an no shoddy assembly involved(looking at you hifiman) id say 3 years+ easy.

I have my ATH-M40X still, they were purchased in 2017, and are still going strong. I’ve dropped them a dozen or so times in that 5 years.

The lower end of Audiotechnica aren’t “poor” build quality by any stretch, but neither are they “great” the best I could say is they are “unremarkable” in build quality.

If they can last 5 years and give me no reason to expect I won’t get another 5 out of them, then better, more sturdily built cans should easily last 5+.

More to the point, if I didn’t expect I could get at least 5 years out of a pair of multi-hundred to 1000+ dollar headphones, I wouldn’t’ve gotten involved in this hobby to begin with. These things are too damn expensive to be replacing every couple of years.

So all no Hifimans models more than 3 years and Sennheiser HD6x,hd8x series and Beyer dt1x series and Tseries are inmortals

Nah I think hifiman can last too I just worry about the quality control issues with them preventing any form of longevity.

It all depends on the brand, which brand of headphones you use, and how you use them. It is not necessary how expensive headphones you use, you can do low-budget headphones of any brand for a long time. Like, take me I have been using company BE110M TWS Earbuds for 2 years and still very good condition.