How long does it take for you to become

accustomed to a headphone/iem change, when you swop between your chosen weapons…P1’s for example shock me every time I first put them on but 10 minutes down the line then i’m yeah baby…swop them for the Phantoms :scream: dark but then another 10 minutes in i’m like :snowflake: and enjoying the music?


Depends on the headphones/iems and how I’m feeling and what I am listening to. Also whether I need to actually evaluate something or just for enjoyment

Aye it’s funny i’ve not listen to headphones for a while just a couple of iem’s but i’m loving the headphones again now the weather over here has got cooler…think I still prefer iem’s tho unless the boat and wallet can accommodate a nice analogue, tube, speaker system mind…sorry i’m oldish lol.

Well if I am going to say how long, for me I guess as the time goes by the headphones or iems will grow on me like I did not even noticed. It’s like when I just I got the MH751 back then after my M40X unfortunately died. It took me awhile to finally love the sounds of the MH751 due to the fact that I was stuck and still loved the sounds of M40xs that I used to own. As for the IEMs well, I grew to love the T2s and ZS10 Pros than my first IEMs which are the SE215s for the sounds of the 2 imo are better than the SE215s for I was able to notice the difference of sounds after a long listening with my 215s when I used to only own these for use.

I can’t say I have needed an adjustment period when I swap between headphones. but then, none are uncomfortable or have any issues. I could see perhaps that happening if you’re swap out has a huge difference in the sound profile…such as going from something bass heavy to something treble peaky.