How many of these iem's do they sell

at full price £8,999.00?..

I’d pay £50 for an hour or three with them and a £10k Dac/Amp for shit’s and giggles lol…hey ho :headphones::pound::metal:

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IDK how many they will sell, but I would be interested in taking a listen. I have only heard an iem that was almost 5000 usd, so I wonder what’s above that price lol

It’s a shame because oBravo were at London CanJam and I was hoping I’d be able to give them a listen just for a laugh but they weren’t there :frowning:

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I wonder where they actually have them for demo

I reckon they only have a few in production and they have them at their head quarters.

Maybe in the UK @ my original link???..jump the Lear and check 'em out? lol

Lol even then? What if they don’t have them? That would be a fair amount of wasted jet fuel lol. I would have to settle for the measly EAMT-1 c lol

Also on a side note, I noticed that they will carry the meze rai solo iem, which looks pretty nice for the price

Perhaps, Audio Concierge are oBravo’s official UK partner

Indeed lol…i’m still having a battle with myself…Andromeda (second-hand) or FH7???:grimacing::thinking::grimacing::thinking:

Hmmm it would depend on what you prefer. I would personally say the andro might be the better choice if you can get it in good condition around the same or a bit more then the fh7. I would say that if you do want better subbass performance the fh7 might be the better choice

I checked them (andromedas) out and to be honest they’re my ideal IEM, and I use IEMs much more than speakers or headphones, about 4 or 5 hours a day.

I wasn’t a massive fan of the cable though, I found it to be a bit too thin compared to the pretty big sized andromedas. It looked out of place a tad.

The cable was extremely well made and felt great, but to me at least it looked out of place.

The FH5 was very nice and im sure the FH7 would presumably be better, the FH5 wasn’t as heavy as the andromedas and I doubt the FH7 will be either

Which iem are you taking about?

andromedas, they were fantastic. I know its a really weird thing to say but I just imagined the andromeda’s cable being slightly thicker, seeing as they’re pretty large. For instance, some cables I have are like 16 strands for IEMs and they would suit Andromeda’s much more.

Ah, yeah pretty nice, just not exactly what I personally was looking for, but still something I would recommend for sure.

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Sub bass ain’t a big thing for my seriously listening (P1sound sig etc) fast bass, no bleed into mids, mids right there on point, good instrument separation and with vocals right in front and I don’t mind highs pushing on but no sibilance…never found this with headphones…plus your ears don’t hot I really hate that lol.

Then yeah I think the andros might be the better choice over the fh7. The fh7 doesn’t have as much separation and has a bit of bleed. The vocals might not be the most intimate though

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which andros though, original, S, Gold?

I have only tried the gold and original. I should also mention that the andro is very sensitive to what you power it with so make sure you have a good source

2019 greens :+1:

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iFi Nano iDSD Black Label cut it?