How many of you have the Senn HD600?

the actual 600, not the 6xx.

how often do you find yourself using it? what kind of music do you listen to?

I still have mine, love it on a tube, just awesome


Mine gets the least amount of use of all my headphones, because I actually like hearing bass. When I do use them, it is on my tube amp.

what kind of music do you listen to on it?

I had it and i wish i had never gotten rid of it. especially since i didnt have a chance to try it on tubes. damn


They were my daily drivers for years on a hybrid tube…
until I got the Nighthawk Carbons :open_mouth:

what kind of music did you listen to on them? listen to on the Carbons?

I listen to most things, but tend to gravitate towards acoustic/vocals. I am enjoying the extra sound stage, detail-retrieval, and warmth that I get from the carbons vs. the 600. EDM is also more fun with these.
I tend to go back to the 600 when I listen to classical

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I listen to mostly Classic Rock and Metal…but I am a bassist and drummer, so lack of low end pisses me off.

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well, if their low end is anything like the 599se, I’ll be fine…it does orchestral nicely. I just want better… :wink:

Are you shopping for the 600s?

yes. got a couple feelers out for two used in Canada for $275ish…or new for $400.

Without a doubt, they are nice headphones and handle classical wonderfully. Let’s just say that I have sold every other pair of headphones except my 600s and now my Carbons, if that means anything.

I see on your profile that you don’t have a DAC or an amp, but I would say it may be a helpful purchase as well if you decide to go this route.

yes…I am targeting the Geshelli Labs ENOG2 and ARCHE2.5 Pro and then a tube amp, of course. :wink:

It is nothing like the 599…low end doesn’t exist on HD 600

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Sidebar: which of the 6(insert letters or numbers here) is the widest?

Most likely the 650 on a wide tube amp, it depends on the amp. On solid state the 660s is the widest imo

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58x vocals are killing me right now… I’ll have to move up this range eventually

650 with a tube amp (I use the DarkVoice which I fitz modded with a Ken Rad VT-231 Black Glass and an RCA JAN-CRC 6AS7g.

It’s hard sometimes not to go full steam ahead into this hobby (even moreso than I already have)… that darkvoice must be a beauty… seems very popular

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