How many of you listen to 'Epic' music?

yeh, it’s a genre and usually relates to the crazy music scores for video games and movies.

right now I’m listening to the composers / singers that go by the name ‘Two Steps From Hell’.


Got a lot of their stuff.

“Mark Petrie” is another name making this kind of music.

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thanks, looking him up now. :slight_smile:

Jeremy Soule is a good time

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all of the god of war soundtrack lol
I think that encapsulates the word “epic”

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mmm…I love me some gregorian chant. :smiley:

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this is what came to mind

I Dont generally BUT found this album a while ago and it is EPIC. Gonna buy it, been waiting too long lol thanks for reminding me


this hasn’t had any attention for a while.

anyone know of good playlists of epic music?

Dwayne Ford makes some nice stuff

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checking him out.

I tend to find I enjoy listening to some of theses quite a bit

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Dead serious… does Trance count?

no…trance is electronic.

I do. Listen to anything Hans Zimmer, Video Game Soundtracks of action packed games. That’s what I recommend.

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2wei, Two steps from hell, really slow motion (yes that is the name lol), audiomachine, end of silence, hidden citizens, ivan torrent, philipp beesen, song to your eyes, thomas bergersen and zack hemsey.

A lot lol.



Will look for a few of these. I remember loving the “Equilibrium” movie soundtrack (…hey, I need to watch this movie again – and I need the DVD).

Especially this song:

By Klaus Badelt apparently.

none of this music is trance. it’s electronic and I would say close to Epic if not being Epic. trance lul’s you into a hypnotic state with it’s repetitiveness, which none of this has.

Yes. So much yes. Current personal favorite is the Dragon Age Inquisition Theme. Pretty simple, but the ambience is ‘epic’ lol.

Other good tunes in no particular order…

Also, this playlist which has probably gone off-topic by now, but here it is.

EDIT : am now in the process of exploring and updating linked playlist >.>. RIP the rest of my night

I know I know. Most of the OST for Equilibrium don’t have (much?) electronic elements in it. Just badass epic music.

For Trance… I already heard the words “epic trance”, but yeah, no. :stuck_out_tongue: