How many of you love your coffee as much as your music?

The Aeropress is such a pain in the butt. It’s not something I liked doing 2x daily especially when stumbling out of bed.

One of my favorite is making a super strong cup with a Mocha pot, but that too is tiresome daily, and I reserve for when the occasion calls for it.

Daily, I switch back and forth between a Chemex with paper filter and or a pour-over… sometimes both!

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I have a chemex pour over that my brother in law has been “borrowing” for 5 years now. :rage:

Oh, our conversation reminds me that I enjoyed the Clever Dripper when I used it. It’s a combo of a pour over and immersion. I used Chemex filters with it and thought it was a more well-rounded cup.

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I use an authentic Greek hammered copper “vriki” kettle to make my Greek coffee (it’s Greek, not Turkish so don’t get me started, lol). There are some good ones on Amazon. Also, Loumidis Greek Coffee is my favorite (Green bag, not the red).

Hand Hammered Copper Turkish Greek Arabic Coffee Pot Ibrik Kettle Jazzva Cezve Briki (XS - 150cc - 5.1 oz - 1 demitasse cup)

Loumidis Greek Ground Coffee Papagalos Traditional 2 Pack (16 Ounces)

your post about Greek coffee made me think about how I want to get an Ibrik for Turkish coffee. Greek is the same idea, but Turkish is done on a smaller scale I believe.

They actually are the same if you get an authentic vriki or ibrik…1 = 1 demitasse.

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